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Four More Years

posted on november 3, 2004, tag: new york

So, that's that. Kerry just conceded. Congratulations, America—you've voted for four more years of invasions and war, economic decline, deficit, poor education, fucking the environment, shitty healthcare, running Social Security into the ground and more. Good for you. Oh, and let's not forget that Bush might have the opportunity to nominate three justices to the Supreme Court. See you later, Roe v. Wade. Oh, and I hope none of you people with cancer or Parkinson's expect to see a cure any time soon. At least not in this country.

The saddest thing about this whole election is that America is changing for the worse. We're becoming more and more conservative. What happened to the progressive America? What the fuck is wrong with you people? Is this all that you want in life? Is this the American dream? You think Bush is a fiscally responsible president? All you bastards who lost your jobs over the past 4 years still voted for him. What's wrong with you?

I'm especially outraged by the exit poll statistics on how many people voted for Bush because of his "morals." This is the closest election we've had in a long time and for all intents and purposes, it was decided by religion. I'm sickened. Canada looks really good to me right now. I'm sure I'll write something a little more eloquent at some point but for right now I can't even get it all out. This is a sad, sad day for this country. I'm ashamed.


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Brian Fox on 11/03/2004:

Boo hoo... I for one am pretty excited about the results. Have fun in Canada! ;-)

n3verm0re on 11/03/2004:

I've commented in the previous entry, but I'll post the refrain here. Game over. The next four years terrify me, but not nearly as much as the next forty. Religion is going to snow-ball us back into the 1800's.

Jason on 11/03/2004:

It was a very close race, I too was disappointed with the results for many of the same reasons you are.

when I ask a bush supporter why they voted for bush. I get allot of statements like, "he is a straight shooter" or "Kerry goes tanning." When I ask them about the war in Iraq. they reply with some whacky story about the Russians taking 1 billion tons of uranium through underground tunnels and hiding it in Antarctica.

Obviously these people are not very open minded people. Very firm and set in their ways. You cannot really argue with this type of thinker. They voted for bush last election, they agreed at the time that we should invade Iraq. And they are not about to back off now. They are not going to "flip flop" on their man. though I believe loyalty is a great quality, there needs to be a point where people have had enough. Obviously we have not reached that point yet.

Though disappointed with the results I believe that the election had a very positive outcome towards the issues that you mentioned.

During the election and the debates Kerry went very hard on Bush on the issues of the war and of the economy. He was saying things on live TV that before could only be heard on NPR. Bush and the republican party became very exposed. And allot of people listened. From where Kerry stood 20%-30% behind in the polls he rose to almost a dead heat with Bush.

When it was all said and done, Bush yes was the victor. But not by much. In almost every stated that bush won, he won by only a margin of 1-3%. And Bush lost in the economic epicenters of our country. Though we did not kick bush out of the Whitehouse, we sent a huge message to the white house and to the republican party. They have to see that half the country disagrees with this government. I doubt that the republican party will endorse a national health care plan. But I can assure you the government will consider the popular vote when they look at spending, war, the economy, the environment and most of all who Bush appoints to office.

nat on 11/03/2004:

i am shocked. i cannot comprehend how anyone who has been even remotely paying attention for the past five years could support bush. the man should never have made it out of the 2000 republican primary. the thought of what a second term where he has nothing to lose and is answerable to no one, with a republican congress giving in to his every whim, could mean to the future of this country terrifies me. today, i am ashamed and embarrassed to be an american.

Merovingian on 11/03/2004:

OMFG !!!! I can't comprehend the fact that Bush got all of Florida !!! How the hell did he !!
Most likely his little brother helped out with that. I agree with Garrett it is a sad sad day in America.

Jeff on 11/03/2004:

Come on up to Canada my friend. I'm currently living in the province of Alberta, we've got amazing healthcare and social programs, not to mention that we have a huge surplus that can only mean better things for us as well as the rest of Canada. Not to mention the fact that the Canadian dollar is slowly, but surely rising, and you don't have to put up with the same political bullshit that you do in the US.

ant on 11/03/2004:

I too am sickened about the religious aspect to politics these days. I am not a religous person, but I can't understand how people who are overwhelmingly chose Bush as if Kerry was a devil-worshipper. Both seem like deeply religious men so I don't understand the division.

And while I'm ranting about religion and the "right" - why is it that the more religious a person is, the less tolerant they are of others (foreigners, gays, blacks, whatever)? I'll admit, this is a stereotype, but more times than not, it is true.

It truly is amazing how Bush supporters never have a real reason for supporting him. The last two people I asked about why they were voting for him said "because Kerry is an asshole" and "because Kerry just says what he thinks people want to hear". I too am embarassed to be a part of this.

Baston on 11/03/2004:

I am surprised and alarmed to see America heading this way... im glad plenty of americans seem to agree... although not enough evidently. I stayed up most of the night (here in england) and couldnt believe it was this close... bush had it in the bag early on. Even in, well possible, defeat... Kerry did the right thing. When i saw Bush, accepting the victory live, in his smug little way i was completely pissed off. I think america has made a terrible choice here... im truly glad i live in england, now, more than ever.

Ghast23 on 11/03/2004:

Wow. What else can be said, other than hold on to your butts? I, too, saw that sickening little grin of deee-light on Bush's face when Kerry decided to accept his defeat. I thought it was a pretty gracious move on Kerry's part, way better than going the way of the 2000 election and letting things drag on for weeks in an agonizing recount.

Let's hope Bush's public humiliation in the debates (and rather narrow win) will serve as a little reminder that some pretty big changes need to happen. I wonder if our country can recover enough from this terribly biased election to come together and work towards a common goal... whatever that is.

Lashlar on 11/03/2004:

The concession by Kerry was one of the highlights of this election year. It was gracious and it was well said. It saves the United States from 2000 redux, with Kerry v Bush instead.

I did not much like Kerry, in fact I quite disliked him. I will admit that. But in defeat he showed what kind of moral fiber he had. Had he shown that more consistently throughout the campaign... But that is enough retrospective imagining.

He lost. Bush won. Let's look to the future.

Elliott Pogue on 11/03/2004:

I think I'm starting to calm down. It's been a sad day for America, yes, but we do have to look into the future. Sadly, unless big changes occur, I see America turning into Middle East #2. I do also believe the European Union will be considered the new superpower of the world.

I really am thinking about fleeing the country though. Spain would be a nice place to go. =)

Lashlar on 11/04/2004:


I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but from a cursory look at Europe from the political, military, demographic and economic perspective the odds of the European Union becoming the next superpower of the world... I wouldn't put any of my money (or anybody's money at all) on it.

There are just too many problems with Europe for it to come close to having the military or economic powerbase to become a superpower again.

The future may see India or China becoming genuine regional powers (economically, demographically, and militarily) with the capacity to challenge the current global superpower (America) on the margins of American military power and actually have a chance of winning. It may even see them beginning the long climb towards potential hegemonic challengers and destablizers of the present global hierarchy, but I'm not willing to bet on that either. There's quite a bit a determined America could do to bottle up or seriously slow the rise of these two nations.

Of course, these are just my own personal thoughts based on what I've seen of Asia and Europe, and on the research I've done for some of the classes I'm taking...

Tomas Jogin on 11/04/2004:

Amen. I agree with every word you wrote, Garret. I was afraid to write it myself, because it would only add to the myth that I'm suposedly "anti-American".

jim.cook on 11/05/2004:

[Deleted. I told you I would be very quick to remove comments that were attacks or rude or, well, any of the other ways to describe your comment. I'm looking for constructive conversation on the subject and yours wasn't. — Ed.]

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